Hello Lenox is wrapped in terraces. Each unit opens to a terrace, giving tenants an exposure to natural light and air rarely seen in New York.


271 Lenox Rd

Brooklyn, NY


The gateway to Hello Lenox accompanies the buildings theme of modernity and minimalism from tenant’s first steps into the building. The monochromatic color scheme with touches of color lend to this perspective as well.



Hello Lenox comes with a complimentary gym for all of its tenants. The gym uses the most modern gym equipment to help tend to the healthy lifestyles and well being of its tenants.



Hello Lenox’s courtyard contains a multiple of amenities, all of which are available to all of Lenox’s tenants.


There are barbecues available for use by the tenants, which allows everyone to make the most of the summer months and spending time with family.

Running Track

The courtyard comes complete with a running tack to supplement the gym in the building. Tenants are free to walk or jog at their leisure.


Sunbathing Area

The courtyard also comes with a sunbathing area for all those sun worshippers living in the building.

Outdoor Lounge 

There is also an outdoor lounge area for those who wish to enjoy the outdoors but would rather tend to the shade and avoid the direct rays.

Outdoor Gaming Area

Finally, there is an outdoor gaming area. The patch designated as such can be used to play anything from botchy ball, to croquet, to any number of yard games. There is even an outdoor pool table to be enjoyed.



Private Covered Parking

Indoor parking is available for those tenants who have and need to store a car.

Bike Storage

Bikes need not populate the units of Hello Lenoxs tenants, but rather they may rest in the bike storage area available for all tenants.

Individual Private Storage

Finally, there is also storage units for tenants who need the extra room. They are

available to rent for any of Hello Lenoxs tenants.